We are committed to developing and safeguarding the bank’s collection of books and documents, through ambitious projects that are open to the public


The Historical Archive is open to scholars from 19 November 2019. We have decided to open our archives, to give scholars an opportunity to study the events of Italian economic history from a new perspective: that of Mediobanca.

A conference was held on 7 November 2014 to mark the start of work on the Mediobanca “Vincenzo Maranghi” Historical Archive.

In June 2014, the archive was declared a place of “historical interestunder the Lombardy region’s code of cultural and natural heritage.

The “Vincenzo Maranghi” historical archive was created in 2012 to conserve some of the most important documents relating to our history and operations, both in archival catalogues and in digital form.


Last update: 18/11/2019