Remuneration committee

The committee provides advice and information gathering for the setting of the remuneration of key management personnel and the general manager, and with regard to staff remuneration and loyalty policies submitted by the chief executive officer.

The remuneration committee:

  • regularly assesses the adequacy, overall consistency and practical application of the remuneration policy for directors and key staff
  • monitors application of the rules on the remuneration of the heads of the company’s control units
  • produces proposals and opinions regarding the remuneration of executives of the group and key staff, and verifies the achievement of performance objectives
  • proposes to the board the allocation of the fixed compensation among the directors, approved by the shareholders in general meeting, and provides opinions on the remuneration policies to be submitted to the approval of the board of directors and shareholders in general meeting.

The meetings of the committee are attended by the statutory audit committee and, in an advisory capacity, by the chief executive officer and the general manager. The chief risk officer and head of human resources also participate as guests.



The committee is made up of four non-executive members, the majority of whom qualify as independent according to the art.19 Articles of Association, including the chair.

Maurizio Carfagna Chairman of the committee and independent director* 
Valérie Hortefeux Independent director *
Alberto Lupoi Independent director * 
Alberto Pecci Director

* Independence requirements according to Articles 19 of Article of Association and a 148.3 of the Italian consolidated finance act.



The committee met eight times in the period from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019. The average attendance was 94%.

Last update: 04/10/2019