Investing in Mediobanca

Mediobanca is one of the strongest banks in Italy, with operations in investment banking, consumer banking and wealth management. Thanks to our specific strengths, we have emerged stronger from the financial crisis, proving our resilience, reputation, solidity and profitability.

We surpassed many European banks in terms of profitability and market performance, without having to raise capital and continuing to distribute dividends. We are fully focused on expansion and are ready to seize growth opportunities in the corporate, consumer lending and wealth management sectors.

Our strengths:

1. Distinctive business culture, founded on people and on strong customer relationships.

  • Specialisation and innovation
  • Solid reputation, built over 70 years of ethical business
  • Stable board of directors and management over the last 10 years
  • Strong control of costs and risks
  • Streamlined “boutique” organisational structure

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2. Sound business positioning, based on highly specialised and profitable areas of banking.

  • The leading corporate and investment bank in Italy, with an established position in southern Europe
  • Among the leading providers of consumer lending in Italy through Compass
  • Present in retail banking through CheBanca!, a mainly online bank that drives growth in wealth management
  • Outstanding asset quality and capital well in excess of requirements

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3. Ability to adapt operating model to regulatory changes and market trends.

  • Transformation from equity holding company to highly specialised banking group
  • Focus on market segments with lower capital outlay and higher returns
  • Prudent approach to risk management
  • Diversification of banking revenues, which doubled between 2005 and 2018 and are effectively balanced between corporate and retail

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4. Ability to grow even in transitional periods.

  • Reduction of equity portfolio, disposing approx €2 billion between 2013 and 2018
  • Growth at constant risk levels, without raising capital or restructuring
  • Investment in highly profitable fee-based banking services with low capital intensity

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Last update: 04/09/2018