Sustainability governance

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As determined by the Board of Directors on 14 June 2017, our Chief Executive Officer is responsible for all activities connected with sustainability. In this, he is supported by a Group Sustainability management Committe and a dedicated unit. The Chief Executive Officer is tasked with:

  • defining the Group’s policy in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR) for submission to the approval of the Board of Directors
  • Promoting implementation of practices which are consistent with the Group Sustainability Policy
  • proposing a Group-wide CSR budget, within the framework of the Board-approved general budget, and monitoring its progress; 
  • producing the draft of the consolidated non-financial statement and ensuring its publication; 
  • periodically reporting on activities to the Board of Directors

At a Board meeting held on 19 September 2019, the Directors of Mediobanca, at the Appointments Committee’s proposal, instituted a Corporate Social Responsibility Committee.

Group Sustainability management Committee

The Committee was set up to support the Chief Executive Officer on CSR tasks. It is made up of the Group Sustainability Unit and key people within the Group, including:

  • Chairman
  • General Manager
  • CEOs of Compass and CheBanca! 
  • Planning, Accounting and Financial Reporting function
  • Group HR and Organization function

The heads of specific units are also involved as necessary, depending on the specific issues under discussion. 

Group Sustainability Unit

The Group Sustainability Unit reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer, providing support on all issues relating to corporate social responsibility and ensuring the Group is positioned correctly on these issues in its various areas of business. 

It also handles dealings with the national and international CSR network and manages the implementation of projects with a social/environmental impact.




For more information on the Group’s governance system, see our Corporate Governance section.



Last update: 04/10/2019