Code of ethics

In performing our day-to-day activities, we are steered by the principles of ethics and law abidance. Our code of ethics sets out the values that guide our conduct and is a fundamental tool in establishing a system of good corporate governance.

In our business, we assist companies in their development through lending and advisory services and the execution of market transactions, and offer retail customers by means of loans and innovative banking services. In doing so, we seek to combine profitability and competitiveness with strict adherence to professional ethics. Discretion, professionalism, integrity and expertise are several of the values that guide us in our daily business.

These values are set out in the code of ethics, which contains references and guidance, supplementing the legal requirements and self-regulation obligations, with a view to ensuring that conduct is consistent and compliant with our mission and our core values. 

The values and principles set out in the code of ethics are fundamental for establishing a system of good corporate governance. They also form the logical basis for creating an effective internal control and risk management system, which we focus on continually as part of the prudent management that has always been one of our hallmarks.

we have adopted an organisation, management and control model pursuant to Italian legislative decree 231 for the prevention of crimes committed in the interest or to the benefit of the company, in compliance with the provisions of the legislation that introduced the notion of corporate administrative liability in 2001.

Italian legislative decree 231 of 8 June 2001 establishes that companies can be held liable, and are consequently subject to penalty, for certain crimes committed or attempted in the interest or to the benefit of the company by its directors or its employees. This corporate liability does not apply if the company has adopted and effectively implements organisation, management and control models capable of preventing those crimes, and has established a body responsible for monitoring the functioning of those models and compliance with their provisions.


We believe that, over time, fair and transparent conduct enhances and protects our reputation, credibility and consensus with the public, the authorities and institutions, all of which are fundamental aspects of our group's activities.
This is why all conduct must be based on principles of lawfulness, transparency, common sense and personal ethics, in line with our values, guiding principles and company policies, and conscious of the need to prevent the group from being exposed to regulatory and reputational risk.

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Last update: 16/07/2018