Social inclusion

The Mediobanca Group is convinced that an inclusive society must be based on mutual respect and solidarity, guaranteeing equal opportunities and a decent standard of living for all.

To be inclusive is a way of coexisting based on the conviction that each individual is of value and belongs to the community. Defined thus, inclusion may be implemented in a variety of settings.

In the sporting environment, Mediobanca Compass Banca and CheBanca! have joined forces to show their support for the core values traditionally associated with sport: honesty, responsibility, determination and team spirit; a philosophy of life which the Group is keen to do its part to spread.


The Mediobanca Group, in conjunction with CUS Milano Rugby and with the participation of the Milan city council, has a launched a project to promote social inclusion in the outskirts of Milan through the means of sport.

INSIEME, “together”, is a Mediobanca Group project aimed at promoting sport as a factor of social cohesion and to provide opportunity for young people forming part of the weakest areas of society at risk of exclusion to grow.

The initiative, which was presented in Mediobanca with the Chief Executive Officer Alberto Nagel, the Mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala, and the Chairman of CUS Milano Rugby Sergio Vicinanza all in attendance, targets pupils attending primary and secondary schools located in certain peripheral areas of Milan, and will run for three years.

The first area to be involved in the project is the suburb of Quarto Oggiaro, to be followed in coming years by the Baggio and Via Padova areas. The activities will involve up to 1,500 children and young people, boys and girls, aged from 8 to 14 years (i.e. the last three years of primary school and all three years of middle school under the Italian system).

The activities, arranged and managed by CUS Milano Rugby through a team of educators and qualified technical staff under the co-ordination of Diego Dominguez, will involve the classes of at least three of the area’s schools trying their hands at rugby, volleyball and athletics, with afternoon classes running the whole school year at a local sports centre. The sporting activity will be assisted by the presence of a sports psychologist and doctor to certify that the children are able to take part in the sports. Participants will be given all materials need to take part free of charge.


The Mediobanca Group has signed a partnership agreement with the Italian Paralympic Committee (IPC) in order to support and embed the values of Paralympic sport as a vehicle for social integration, a sphere which affirms a genuine culture of merit and promotes genuinely open and fair competition, and an instrument for educating, developing and releasing individuals.


The Mediobanca Group has supported the sport of rugby since 2013 by sponsoring the Rugby in the Parks and Mediobanca Rugby Camp initiatives.

Rugby in the Parks is a sporting event organized by the Milan town council and by Rugby Grande Milano, the purpose of which is to introduce young people and their families to the sport and its values through a series of events held in the main parks of Milan and other cities.

In the summer of 2014 the Mediobanca Group also launched the Mediobanca Rugby Camp, at which fifty youngsters aged between twelve and fifteen chosen through trials won the opportunity to spend a whole week devoted to this sport under the guidance of Italian national fly-half Diego Dominguez and other famous rugby players.


Valore D is the first association of large companies in Italy, set up in 2009, to support women in positions of corporate leadership.

The objective of the project is to support and increase the number of talented women in leadership positions through concrete and tangible action.

The activity of Valore D in support of women’s leadership is developed in three directions: towards women managers, Italian companies and society as a whole.

Valore D promotes an innovative corporate structure that overcomes the implicit gender bias and favors reconciliation, provides women managers the tools and knowledge relevant to their professional growth and proposes a new cultural model that includes the full participation of women in the economic and social life of the country.


Since 2013 Mediobanca has taken part in the educational project promoted by Junior Achievement (; “JA”), a non-profit organization set up in the United States in 1919 and in Italy since 2002 to promote the economic education of young people.

JA brings professionals from a variety of sectors into Italian state schools, to work alongside teachers in introducing issues such as economics, entrepreneurialism and personal finance.
Examples of issues dealt with during lessons include how to prepare an effective CV, how banks work, or how company budgets are formed.

Participants are awarded a certificate of attendance at the end of the lessons.

JA has awarded Mediobanca its 2014 prize for “Best company voluntary programme” for its Group-wide programme which included staff at Compass and Che Banca! As well, ensuring 35 experts were available for the “Io e l’economia” initiative in various Italian regions which do not usually benefit from such opportunities.


Mediobanca has joined Push to Open, an innovative training programme aimed at sixth-formers. The aim of the programme is to put young people in contact with the workplace, via meetings with professionals and company experts in an informal and interactive setting.
The programme consists of webcasts and intercompany workshops, and is supported by a social media community.

For further information go to Jointly shared welfare and Push to Open.

Starting from 2016 Mediobanca staff will have a unique opportunity to take part in “Jointly Kid in Town”, the exclusive non-residential summer campus designed for the children of people at work to play, study and exercise during the summer months.

For further information go to



The project KIDS, supported by Cairn Capital, empowers disabled children and young people and their families to get the most out of life – creating opportunities for them to take part in positive play, leisure, learning, employment, training and social activities.


KIDS seeks to change attitudes, working towards a vision in which all disabled children and young people realise their aspirations and enjoy their right to an inclusive community which supports them and their families.


Cairn Capital has sponsored a programme of scholarships and has supported students taking higher degrees in Development Economics and Financial Market Infrastructure.


The Company has also sponsored and supported the LSE Business and Finance Summer School, a programme designed to encourage talented children from disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue further education.


Cairn Capital supports Magic Breakfast a charity aiming to end hunger as a barrier to education in UK schools through the provision of healthy breakfasts to vulnerable children.


Over half a million children in the UK arrive at school each day too hungry or malnourished to learn.  A hungry child cannot concentrate.  Magic Breakfast can give a child a healthy breakfast at school, opening up four hours of crucial lesson time in the morning.

A new research published by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), with the support of Magic Breakfast, has found that breakfast clubs that offer pupils in primary schools a free and nutritious meal before school can boost their reading, writing and maths results by the equivalent of two months’ progress over the course of a year


The Academy Women & Finance is an educational program aimed to empower female clients to assume responsibility for the management of the family wealth. CMB is a pioneer in this field as it is the first Private Bank to offer such a structured academic program to its clients.


The nine modules of the one year course enable the participants to take on a leading role in managing the family wealth. The topics of financial markets, asset allocation, credits from on to behavioral finance covered in the 27 hours of lessons set the foundation for participating actively in financial decisions.


The partnership with Monaco’s School of Hotel Management (Lycée Hôtelier) reflects CMB’s policy of strengthening its role as a committed and involved player in the Monegasque community.


The School of Hotel Management in Monte Carlo gives young talent the opportunity to develop, which is an aim that CMB pursues with its own employees.

The skills developed in the Hotel Management School will be put to use in the tourism and luxury hotel sector that represents a large part of Monaco’s economy.

The Hotel Management School strives to achieve excellence and prestige in the area of service, which is the same goal as CMB seeks to achieve in its private banking activity.


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Last update: 11/10/2017