Capital Management

The Mediobanca group has succeeded in maintaining its capital excellence, with asset quality levels which are unparalleled in the Italian banking panorama and which rank us among the leading banks in Europe.

To guarantee capital ratios in line with the new regulations, we have implemented a series of measures to optimize assets and use of capital, including via a programme of stake disposals to reduce our exposure to equity. These measures have enabled us to preserve solid capital ratios without having to implement rights issues (our most recent dates back to 1998).

As part of the 2014-16 strategic plan, we have disposed of equity stakes worth a total of 1.5 billion euros, generating gains of 500 million euros in three years. 

The 2016-19 strategic plan provided for further capital allocation optimization, with continuing stake disposals to allow us to concentrate on higher fee-generating, capital-light banking activities. In FY17 and FY18 we have disposed of equity stakes worth a total of about 600 milion euros, generating gains of about 250 million euros.

With FY 2018-19 our three-year strategic plan ended, with the targets set reached or in some cases beaten. After three years we have delivered robust capital generation despite increasing shareholder remuneration and expanding the Group’s consolidation area.

Capital ratio 30 JUNE 2019
CET1 ratio 14,1%
Total capital ratio 17,5%
Leverage ratio 8,4%

Last update: 03/10/2019