Growth and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do. We have defined an ESG strategy, that is supported by an ESG Policy and an ESG Product Catalogue. Furthermore, we maintain an ongoing dialogue with our clients to respond to their evolving needs.

"ESG issues should not be perceived as an obligation, but rather as an opportunity that can generate value for all our stakeholders. We have adopted a rigorous ESG Policy at Group level, with the aim of defining structured guidelines for the integration of ESG criteria into the Group's various activities, from financing and equity investments to client advisory activities. By supporting client engagement in ESG risk management, we simultaneously invest in the resilience of our portfolio."

Alberto Nagel
CEO, Mediobanca

Our Group strategy includes ESG criteria which come from an industry-wide effort for banks to set sustainable development goals and promote the proper measurement of impacts on people and planet. We are committed to steering investments towards projects and solutions that contribute to responsible development.

To fulfill our commitments and continuously improve our offering, we aim to deliver quality services that meet our customers’ expectations. We do this through the development of new innovative technologies and the safeguarding of customers’ personal data.

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