For us, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a business priority that forms an integral part of our 2019-2023 strategic plan for sustainable, ESG-conscious growth.

Indeed, we believe that valuing diversity to strive for increasingly inclusive excellence allows us to:

  • Create a more dynamic and innovative environment by engaging with a variety of ideas and stimuli
  • Attract young talent, who are increasingly eager to live out their values in the company
  • Enhance resilience to change.

While recognising that diversity is multifaceted, at the moment the focus of our strategy is on gender, cultural and generational diversity.

The path of change will therefore be deployed across three pillars:

Reporting to the CSR Committee, the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Management Committee was established on 3 May 2021 with the aim of strengthening Group Mediobanca's commitment to diversity and inclusion issues.

The DE&I Committee will oversee the following activities:

  • developing a clear approach in terms of mission, strategies and practices in order to foster an inclusive work culture in which professional skills, perspectives and personal ideas are fully valued;
  • supporting the adoption and implementation of initiatives to support diversity and promote inclusion;
  • monitoring initiatives to create a more inclusive work environment.

The members of the Committee - mostly representatives of the business divisions - have the task of implementing the new inclusive culture and the Global DE&I Programme within the organisation.

The DE&I Committee is supported by a Diversity and Inclusion Manager, who is responsible for proposing guidelines for defining the Global DE&I Programme for the Mediobanca Group.

The person appointed as Diversity and Inclusion Manager is, in turn, supported by a network of ambassadors that are also organised into groups (the Employee Resource Groups) identified within the organisation, who contribute to the promotion of an inclusive culture and the achievement of the objectives of the Global DE&I Programme.

We will be careful to periodically review internal processes such as recruiting, promotion and remuneration, in order to ensure equality and fair treatment.

We want to broaden the pool of potential candidates in order to identify talent with a diverse potential. With this in mind, we have increased the number of universities that we connect with.

We have also established meetings and events for female students and professionals with the aim of bringing young female talent closer to the world of finance.

We intend to promote career paths that are unconstrained by cognitive and behavioural biases because we believe that meritocracy is the key to a company's success.

The company leadership’s involvement in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion issues is essential to ensure that the policies and practices adopted in this area are applied in practice and translate to shared values.

With a view to helping management adopt an inclusive leadership style, we have promoted a structured training programme to be rolled out for all the Group’s staff.
The learning process, which is in part experiential and in part based on micro-learning, will be focused on certain distinctive traits of inclusive leadership:

  • Ability to listen
  • Awareness of unconscious bias
  • Curiosity
  • Cultural and emotional intelligence
  • Ability to work with others
  • Determination
  • Courage.



Our objectives

We have translated our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) commitment into the new toDEI roadmap that defines our strategy, goals and initiatives for an even more inclusive workplace.

March 2022 saw the launch of 'toDEI', our roadmap for a diversity-sensitive, fair and inclusive work environment. Our ambition is to promote a corporate culture that is based on understanding, respecting and valuing differences.

Although we acknowledge there are multiple aspects to diversity, at present our strategic priorities are focused on the issues of gender, cultural and generational diversity.

  • We promote and support female talent. Our selection and performance evaluation systems are driven by equity and by merit.
  • For this reason, through the “toDEI” project our aim is to help develop female talent, which we intend to achieve in practice by defining quantitative objectives to be monitored on a regular basis.
toDEI   KPIs
Employees by category and gender


2022/2023 2021/2022 2020/2021
Men Women Total Men Women Total Men Women Total
Top management 18 4 22 18 5 23 18 5 23
Management 408 93 501 372 71 443 348 62 410
Middle management 1,542 763 2,305 1464 717 2181 1398 679 2077
White collar 1,061 1,338 2,399 1057 1312 2369 1097 1314 2411
Totale 3,029 2,198 5,227 2911 2105 5016 2861 2060 4921


A commitment to our people

Our people are our Group’s essential capital and a strategic prerequisite for our competitiveness.
It is human relationships that enable us to dialogue and build relationships of trust with our clients and with all our stakeholders.
This is why we have chosen to adopt a Human Resources Management Policy, the objective of which is to manage and develop our human capital as effectively as possible, ensuring that the capabilities of all our staff are valorized and developed, by implementing a system of internal policies and procedures.
Our people are also a key part of our DE&I strategy to define a more inclusive working environment, an objective that has to start with listening to those who are part of it.
This is why in November 2021 we launched a Group-wide project to analyse how we can tackle the challenges and take the opportunities posed by the issue of diversity in the workplace.
What did we learn? Find out here.



DE&I in action