The Policy defines the means by which the Investors and the Proxy advisors can approach Mediobanca with requests for S-D engagement, the subjects on which the Bank is willing to engage, and the process for managing such.

Subjects covered by the S-D engagement

The subjects on which the Bank assesses whether or not to agree to proposals S-D engagement can involve matters on the following subjects:

  • Business model, strategic direction and risk appetite;
  • The Group’s strategic and financial plans;
  • Financial and non-financial earnings results;
  • Corporate governance;
  • Internal control and risk management system;
  • Remuneration and incentivization policies;
  • Extraordinary transactions of strategic, earnings, capital or financial relevance;
  • Capital structure;
  • Dividend policy;
  • Policies on environmental, social and sustainability issues;
  • Proposed amendments to the Articles of Association.
Means of submitting a request for S-D engagement

Requests for S-D engagement should be addressed to the Group Investor Relations and Strategic Development unit (“Investor Relations”).

To submit a request, please complete the following form or write to Investor Relations at


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