Our people are our most important asset.

Our customers are the centre of our business philosophy.

The future is our time horizon.

We promote diversity as a value for personal growth and for cultural and professional enrichment. This is because we are aware that in order to effectively address challenges and changes, the broadest and most diverse vision possible is necessary, to obtain the fullest picture of how the future is likely to develop.

This kind of vision is to a large degree the product of dialogue with other people with different educations, experiences, and social and cultural capital. This is why we are committed to building an inclusive working culture, where professional capabilities and personal perspectives and ideas are fully appreciated.

At every stage of the employee experience we are focused on looking after people, guaranteeing equal dignity and treatment, preventing and addressing discrimination in every aspect of corporate life, from the selection process to compensation, from opportunities for professional growth to when the employment relationship comes to an end.

We obtained the gender parity certification, in accordance with the UNI/PdR 125:2022 standards required inter alia by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP).

This recognition is testimony to the hard work done by Mediobanca in recognizing the value of diversity: a concrete commitment which has found expression not only in the Mediobanca Group Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Code which the Bank has adopted, but also in “toDEI”, the project launched at Group level in 2022 with the objective of promoting an organizational approach based on understanding, respecting and valuing diversities, starting with gender.

Recognizing the value of diversity through the creation of an inclusive corporate culture is now one a business priority for Mediobanca, fully integrated into our ‘One Brand-One Culture’ Strategic Plan for 2023-26

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