Send your application

The first screening is done through an information system based on objective requisites: degree and final marks, knowledge of languages, specialisations, job experience matured, and willingness to relocate nationally and internationally.

Open positions

All of the CVs are taken into consideration

If you are among those chosen, you enter the second phase: you will be contacted for a phone interview where the job opportunity will be presented to you and the information in your CV will be evaluated.

Aptitude test

If you reach the next level, you will be asked to do an aptitude test. For those with experience, an individual interview will also take place.

Technical interview

The technical interview is the last step in the selection process. The focus is on department-specific technical skills and is led by the managers of the department you applied to. The interview will be an in-depth look into your past training, technical know-how and any previous job experiences. The ability to apply what you learned at the university to the company environment is also examined: during this step, you could also be asked to solve a business case.


At the end of the process, the candidates that are most in line with the characteristics sought are chosen. We make sure to let all candidates know the final outcome of the selection process.