Climate and environment

We’re contributing to the global transition towards a zero emission economy and are continuing to reduce our consumption with a view to having a positive impact on the areas in which we operate.

Climate and environment

We are part of the global shift towards a low-emission economy. We continue to reduce our consumption to generate a positive impact in the areas in which we operate.

Mediobanca continues to be carbon neutral with regard to its direct emissions: 4,241 tons of CO2 neutralized and 750 trees donated

Milan, 24 January 2023 – The Mediobanca Group has achieved its objective of climate neutrality  once again in 2022, by offsetting its remaining CO2 emissions after domestic mitigation actions. The Group’s commitment to climate neutrality has also been enhanced with the first interim targets for cutting indirect emissions  being set, in line with the Bank’s membership of the Net-Zero Banking Alliance (NZBA).

Mediobanca speeds up its emissions cutting agenda

Intermediate portfolio targets for 2030 announced in Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD)

Green, Social and Sustainability Bond Framework

Mediobanca Group is committed to adhering to the highest environmental and sustainable standards.

Mediobanca successfully completes €500M Sustainable Senior Preferred Bond placement

Mediobanca has successfully completed the placement of a six-year “long” sustainable senior preferred bond (February 2029) with a call option after year 5 for a total of €500m.

Mediobanca has become a member of the Net-Zero Banking Alliance and has neutralized its own direct emissions

The Bank has become a member of the Net-Zero Banking Alliance and has neutralized its own direct emissions.


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