We are included in several ethical indexes, and participate in various sustainability questionnaires, the following in particular:

Included in index  
Current rating: B

A, A-  leadership
B, B-  management
C, C-  awareness
D, D-  disclosure


S&P Global ESG Score

Score: 59 /100
Average score: 28 


Included in index
(percentile rank: 63)

Environment: 3,0
Social: 3,2
Governance: 4,1

Score 0/5: higher= better


ESG IDENTITY – IGI COMPANY: Integrated Governance Index 2024 challenge.

data profile update: Nov 24, 2023

Governance: 1
Environment: 1
Social: 1

(lower risk= 1, higher risk= 10)
ESG Corporate rating: C

A-, A, A+ excellent
B-, B, B+ good
C-, C, C+ medium
D-, D, D+ poor


Included in index

Rating AA



Outlook: positive

EEE; EEE-; EE+ ; EE; EE-; E+; E; E-; F
(from EEE to EE-: compliant; E or lower: non-compliant; F: negative)


Last Rating: 15.7/40 - low risk

0-10 negligible; 10-20 low
20-30 medium;  30-40 high


Score MB 2023: 62/100 
(sector average  45)

Environment: 62/100 (sector average  46)
Social: 58/100 (sector average  44)
Governance: 70/100 (sector average  47)

Energy transition score: 55/100 (Robust)

Carbon footprint: A (Moderate) 
(from “D” [Intense] to A [Moderate])


1. The index includes the top 10% of “most sustainable market caps per industry