Business Model

Business model based on highly specialized activitiesBusiness model based on highly specialized activities

The business model is based on three highly specialized businesses

Corporate & Investment Banking

Provides high-level advice and a full range of credit products, from simplest and most traditional instruments to the most sophisticated solutions available on financial markets. CIB also includes Specialty Finance, Factoring and Credit Management activities, all of which strengthen the service offering provided to medium-sized enterprises

Consumer banking

Compass Banca can boast indepth knowledge of a growing sector, in which the capabilities it has acquired over the years allow it to successfully identify risks, products and further growth opportunities

Wealth management

This business leverages on the Group’s strengths, groups companies based on the category of client they target

  • Affluent e Premier  
    customers addressed by CheBanca!, the multi-channel bank launched in 2008 to provide answers to customers looking for transparent and innovative banking products and which, with its recent acquisition of Barclays’ Italian operations, has already gained a solid positioning among the most technologically sophisticated clients
  • Private & HNWI (High Net Worth Individual) 
    targeted in Italy by Mediobanca Private Banking and Spafid (the Group’s fiduciary company which assists in the execution of complex banking transactions and more recently has added a sophisticated administrative platform for management of family and company estates), while Compagnie Monégasque de Banque operates in the Principality of Monaco

This division also comprises Mediobanca Asset Management, the product factory serving the Group’s distribution networks by leveraging initially at least on our existing capabilities: Cairn Capital (alternative AM), Compagnie Monégasque de Gestion (CMG, formerly CMB), Mediobanca SGR and RAM Active Investments.


Last update: 31/05/2019