At a Board meeting held on 22 June 2022, the Directors of Mediobanca adopted a Policy in accordance with the law, defining the means of engagement, identifying stakeholders, topics under discussion, and the request management process.

Subjects covered by the engagement

Under Article 3 of the Policy, proposals for engagement may only cover matters falling within the Board of Directors’ jurisdiction, namely:

  • business model, strategic policies and risk propensity;
  • the Group’s strategic industrial and financial plans;
  • financial and non-financial results;
  • corporate governance, including Board composition and appointment process;
  • internal control and risk management system;
  • remuneration and incentive policies;
  • transactions of strategic, economic, equity or financial importance;
  • capital structure;
  • dividend policy;
  • strategic sustainability lines and policies (ESG).
Means of submitting a request for engagement

Requests for engagement should be addressed to the Group Investor Relations and Strategic Development unit (“Investor Relations”).

To submit a request for engagement, please complete the following form or write to Investor Relations at


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