Wealth Management deposits

We have access to retail deposits through our group company CheBanca!, which we launched in 2008 and which has delivered impressive commercial results: approx 6 billion euros in deposits collected during its first year of activity, and increasingly constantly to reach the present figure of 14.4 billion euros.

In addition to the deposits raised by CheBanca! it also has around 6.8 billion euros of private banking deposits, making a total of over 21.2 billion euros.

CheBanca!, which has over 840,000 clients, is focusing increasingly on asset management, with a view to reconverting direct to indirect funding and growing assets under management. CheBanca! is well-positioned in the Affluent and Premier segment, and will be central pillar of our new Wealth Management division.


WM deposits by type (December 2018, billion euros)

wheath deposit

Last update: 08/02/2019