Meetings and minutes

Our board of directors meets frequently and with a high level of participation by all board members who have an average attendance of 88%.

In the financial year 2016/2017, the board of directors met 11 times, plus six induction sessions. The level of participation by the board members is high, with an average attendance of 88%. The average duration of board meetings was three hours and thirty minutes.

The new articles of association have increased the minimum number of meetings required during the year from five to six.

Meetings of the board of directors are called by the chairman or upon request by at least three board members. The statutory audit committee, or even just one of its members, can call a meeting of the board of directors, upon notification to its chairman. However, the board can also duly pass resolutions without formal call, if the meeting is attended by all its members and all the standing auditors in office. Board meetings may also be held via video or telephone conference call.

The level of attendance in the meetings by each member of the board of directors is detailed below:

Renato Pagliaro 100%
Maurizia Angelo Comneno 100%
Marco Tronchetti Provera 72,7%
Alberto Nagel 100%
Francesco Saverio Vinci 100%
Tarak Ben Ammar 72.7%
Gilberto Benetton 63.6%
Mauro Bini 100%
Marie Bolloré 100%
Maurizio Carfagna 100%
Angelo Casò 100%
Maurizio Costa 81.8%
Vanessa Labérenne 100%
Elisabetta Magistretti 100%
Marina Natale1 100%
Alberto Pecci 90.9%
Gian Luca Sichel 100%
Alexandra Young 90.9%

1 Appinted by General meeting 28 October 2016 resigned on 21 July 2017


Relevant minutes of the board of directors meetings are available in Italian

Last update: 21/07/2017