Traditional services

Personal loans account for over half of all lending and are Compass’s main business area. The remainder of lending consists of consumer purchase loans (not only for cars and motorcycles but for consumer electronics, furniture and travel as well), credit cards and salary-backed loans.

The consumer credit of the future

Compass is developing innovative services to anticipate new trends driven by digitalisation and changes in consumer habits. Its products will be increasingly simpler, faster and more customizable.

Online personal loans
The web platform will become progressively more efficient so customers can request loans from the comfort of their own homes, upload their paperwork online and receive a rapid response.
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Car leases
Compass Rent is an innovative long-term rental service (12/24 months) for used cars in our dealer-partners’ fleets. The service can be configured to include different components (e.g., insurance and assistance) and for different car models.

Payment plans at the cash register
We are testing an innovative instalment payment service accessible directly at the cash register in stores. It is free for customers and runs on an app developed with a tech partner.

E-commerce financing
We are partnering with leading e-commerce merchants to offer instalment payment solutions for online purchases.

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