What makes us different

Solidity and stability, matched with the ability to innovate; professionalism and fairness of approach; care and respect for our clients and partners: these are the values that have driven Mediobanca from the outset.

And they are values on which we build every day, in relationships with our staff and our clients.

Innovation and tradition

This is the combination that has set us apart since 1946, and which, over the years, has made us unique in the way we operate. We have always managed our business carefully, but at the same time have always been able to take opportunities and understand our clients’ changing needs.
We were the first bank in Italy to offer consumer credit and we also launched the country’s first multichannel bank.

High specialization

The common factor that links together our group’s different identities is the high degree of specialization in each of our business areas combined with the expertise of our staff.

Customer care

Our approach is based on meticulous care and profound respect for our clients and partners, which drives our professionalism, discretion and ability to anticipate our clients' needs, qualities that have always set us apart.
This attention to detail derives, among other things, from our lean, boutique-style organization which facilitates personalized assistance, rapid decision-making and an ability to attract professional talent.

Stability and solidity

Our professional approach, and our respect for Mediobanca’s traditional values, have allowed us to develop a unique reputation in Italy and gain recognition at international level as well.
Stable management ensures indepth knowledge of the business environment, which, along with our long-term vision, enables us to implement large-scale, wide-ranging strategic initiatives.
Our capital solidity rests on robust cost and risk management, with outstanding asset quality and significant capital generating capacity.


Last update: 22/12/2016