With reference to the share buyback authorized by AGM 2021:

  • On 1 December 2021, a total of 22,581,461 treasury shares owned by the Bank as a result of the share buyback scheme approved by shareholders at the Annual General Meeting held in 2018 were cancelled (with no reduction in share capital).
  • On 14 June 2022, Mediobanca completed the share buyback programme authorized by shareholders at the Annual General Meeting held on 28 October 2021 and the European Central Bank on 11 November 2021, for possible acquisitions, implementation of share-based payment schemes for Group staff, sale on the market and/or over the counter (OTC), and/or for cancellation. Mediobanca acquired a total of 25,871,097 shares, or 2.99% of the company’s share capital, for a total outlay of €241.4m.
  • On 2 September 2022 a total of 16,500,000 treasury shares held by the Bank following the share buyback programme approved by shareholders at the 2021 AGM were cancelled.

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