Pursuant to Article 7 of the company’s Articles of Association, shareholders entitled to take part and to vote may choose to have themselves represented by a proxy in general meetings, without prejudice to the incompatibilities and limitations stipulated by law.

The issuing party is also authorized to give instructions to the representative, to rescind the proxy, to appoint one or more replacements, or to authorize the representative to be replaced by third parties, without prejudice to Article 135-decies, paragraph 3 of the Italian Consolidated Finance Act.

The proxy must be signed and cannot be issued with the representative’s name left blank.

A proxy form is available at:

Voting proxies should be sent to the Company:

1) post, to the following address:

Studio Legale Trevisan & Associati
Viale Majno n. 45,
20122, Milano

2)  via certified email to the following address: rappresentante-designato@pec.it; or by ordinary email, to the following address: rappresentantedesignato@trevisanlaw.it (marked “MEDIOBANCA 2021 AGM PROXY”) or by email, to the following address: azionisti@mediobanca.com 

3) by clicking here.

The sending of such copies beforehand shall not exempt the proxy from the obligation, during the accreditation process for admission to the proceedings, to prove that the notified copy conforms to the original and to prove the identity of the party issuing the proxy.

Please bear in mind that notice to the issuer made by the intermediary at the interested party’s request is a prerequisite for authorization to take part in and vote at the annual general meeting.