Annual General Meeting (28 October 2020) - List of Candidates for appointment to statutory audit committee submitted by Bluebell Capital Partners LLP and Novator Capital Limited LLP

In response to a specific request made by Consob on 15 October 2020 under Article 114(5) of the Italian Finance Act, Mediobanca hereby gives notice that it has published[1] a memo[2] - which, along with its attachments, is to be considered as incorporated into this press release – containing the considerations of Mediobanca itself and its Statutory Audit Committee regarding: (i) the reasons why the list submitted by Bluebell and Novator for appointments to the control body is considered admissible; and (ii) the mechanisms for replacing a standing auditor appointed from a minority list that has not indicated any alternative candidates.



Milan, 16 October 2020


[2]       The memo includes the legal opinion of Prof. Carlo Marchetti and Consob’s request pursuant to Article 114(5) of the Italian Finance Act.