Disclaimers for Indexes

Consultation and use of the Indexes, defined in the sense of all indicators summarizing the changes in value of a portfolio of financial instruments or other assets, by any user presuppose familiarity with, and full acceptance of, this Disclaimer.

The Indexes, and all data, information, formulae and materials related thereto, are the sole property of Mediobanca. All rights related to the Indexes are reserved. The publication and consultation of the Indexes does not entitle the user to appropriate, reproduce, alter, distribute or republish in any form, including partial, and with any instrument, the Indexes or the information contained in them without express prior authorization in writing from Mediobanca.

Mediobanca will make every reasonable effort to ensure that the Indexes published are accurate, exhaustive and up-to-date. However, Mediobanca makes no representation or warranty regarding the accuracy, completeness, reliability or availability of the Indexes or the information and data obtained by using the Indexes. The user consults and uses the Index exclusively at its own risk. Mediobanca disclaims all liability, contractual or non-contractual, including in respect of negligence, for any inaccuracies, errors or omissions in or from the Indexes and the information and data obtained by using the Indexes.

Mediobanca makes no representation or warranty that the Index will be published without interruptions or errors, and disclaims all liability, contractual or non-contractual, including in respect of negligence, in the event of delays in the publication of the Indexes or of failure to update them. Mediobanca is under no obligation to publish, update or renew the Indexes.
Mediobanca is in no way responsible for any and every damage or prejudice in connection with the use of the Indexes. Mediobanca disclaims all liability for its own part and on the part of its directors, management and collaborators in respect of any loss, liability, cost, claim, outlay or damage or any other consequence, contractual or non-contractual, including in respect of negligence, in any way deriving from or otherwise based on the publication or use of the Indexes.

Publication of the Indexes shall not be construed as a professional, commercial or legal opinion for users. The information provided with the Indexes cannot take the place of professional advice and is provided for purely illustrative purposes. Users should not allow the contents of the published Indexes to replace their own judgement. None of the published information constitutes an invitation, offer or recommendation to buy or sell investment financial instruments, execute a trade or conclude commercial or any other kind of transaction. Mediobanca does not intend to provide financial, legal, tax or other advice through the Indexes. The Indexes are not conceived for or intended to be used by, individuals or entities in jurisdictions where the distribution of such information is not permitted or requires authorizations. Past performance figures are not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Links, if any, to external sites may not be construed as a sign of approval or recommendation of their contents on the part of Mediobanca; Mediobanca has no control over any such content or other parties’ websites and accordingly declines all responsibility for, and makes no representation or warranty regarding, the subject, quality, or status of such websites. Connection to such sites is made by the user at its own risk.

Any petition or legal action deriving or otherwise connected with the publication and use of the Indexes shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Italy, and the court of Milan shall have sole jurisdiction for any disputes.

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