Valérie Hortefeux

Consigliere di amministrazione

Data di nascita:

14 Dicembre 1967

Carriera professionale:

Valérie Hortefeux has started her carrier in 1994 in the communication sector  where she has occupied different functions in marketing and communication at RMC (Radio Monte Carlo) and was strategic department advisor for Sofirad (holding that carried out French Government stake in the audiovisual sector) and finally at Consodata before it session to Telecom Italia.

In 2005, she has joined 1818 Private Bank (Groupe BPCE) as Private Banker and has develop her own client portfolio (mainly 5 major relationships including 1 CAC 40 listed company for a total asset of 100 million euros).

In 2008, she has identified the lack of a dedicated UHNI segment department and has accepted to create it and to manage it for the 1818 Private Bank. In this role she has:

  • Built a strong team of 20 individuals with the core competencies to address large and sophisticated clients needs through the following expertises : tax lawyer, legal expert, notaries, real estate expert, life insurer, product specialist in credit and investments. 
  • Used her close relationship to understand wealth situation but also identify their needs and anticipate any difficulties to provide them with the appropriate answers, driving them through the right expert.
  • Managed the end to end process from the monitoring to the implementation of the targeted solution.
  • Worked mainly on the use of leverage solutions, portfolio structurations through life insurance wrappers, with a systematic tax impact analysis of the selected investment solutions. 

This activity has highly contributed to the global PNB of 1818 Private Bank and remains today a core element of its strategy.

From 2013 to 2021, Valérie Hortefeux has been member of the Board of Blue Solutions (Bolloré’s group ).

From 2014 to 2021, she has been member of board of Ramsay – Générale de Santé.

Altre cariche:

  • Consigliere Financiére de l’Odet 
  • Consigliere Socfinasia