Mediobanca signs Valore D Manifesto for women in the workplace

The Group headed up by Alberto Nagel has signed the manifesto to support gender diversity in the workplace

Mediobanca has signed the Manifesto for women in the workplace promoted by Valore D, already signed by160 companies, reiterating its focus on gender inclusion issues for all companies forming part of the Group.

Alexandra Young, Head of Group HR & Organization at Mediobanca, describes the Bank’s commitment in the following terms: “We intend to cover all issues relating to female employment in our annual non-financial reporting. With this in mind, it is important for us to initiate accurate monitoring of women in our workplace, in line with point no. 3 in the Manifesto, to improve our performance in terms of gender inequality indicators”.

The Group, which currently has a headcount of around 4,600 staff with women accounting for more than 40% of the professionals, has been providing additional support to employees on maternity leave since 2012 by adhering to the “Un fiocco in azienda” initiative promoted by Manageritalia, implementing its guidelines and using the services available as part of the project. This first step will be followed by new, targeted initiatives.

As far as we are concerned diversity is a value, which is why we will continue to work to improve our female employment indicators in all business areas. Though we are in line with the statistics for the banking sector as a whole, we are looking to support growth in the working population by introducing the appropriate training programmes and instruments to facilitate work-life balance”, Alexandra Young concluded.

“The Manifesto is one step in a long-term process which Valore D has initiated on behalf of its affiliated companies and the nation as a whole”, said Sandra Mori, chair of Valore D. “I am very proud of the results we have achieved, because by signing the Manifesto, the Valore D companies have reiterated once again, and in more concrete and operational terms than ever before, that diversity is a value for them and is important in their organizations. Almost all the affiliated companies – some (88%) – believe that our association helps to improve the social and economic conditions of Italy.”

Milan, 7 March 2018