Climate changes and the deterioration in the natural environment are emergencies that must be tackled collectively and responsibly. We seek to raise awareness of environmental issues among staff members, including in the form of what we call sustainability “pills”, which we publish once a week on the company intranet, providing items of interest and suggestions to promote sustainable use of the resources which all of us are called to steward responsibly.

At Mediobanca, we are committed to reducing our impacts on the environment and the climate, and we do this by involving all our employees. The seriousness of our commitment is borne out by the inclusion of the environment in the strategic areas of our Sustainability Policy.

In particular, we are dedicated to promoting responsible management of resources – such as paper, water and waste – and reducing our carbon footprint generated by our activities, mainly through better management of energy sources and the promotion of energy efficiency of processes and buildings.

In 2021 the Group has decided to:

  • Renew its commitment to climate neutrality, by cancelling our remaining greenhouse gas emissions, equal to 3,437 tons of CO2 in FY 2020-21
  • Become a member of the Net-Zero Banking Alliance (NZBA), the initiative promoted by the United Nations with the objective of accelerating the sustainable transition of the international banking sector. This decision confirms the Bank’s intention to play an active role in the green transition.

In addition to the numerous projects in which we are directly the key player, we support authorities and associations who fight to protect the environment and the local area, such as the FAI (Italian Environment Fund), whose mission is to enhance, protect and take care of Italian historical, cultural and artistic heritage.


In conjunction with non-profit entity Rete Clima, for the second year running we have succeeded in offsetting our remaining CO2 emissions as a result of our domestic climate mitigation actions.

In particular, the decarbonization initiative Mediobanca has promoted in conjunction with Rete Clima has enabled the Bank to support two international carbon offset projects: one hydroelectric, in India, and one REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation), in Brazil, to generate clean energy and promote conservation of an area of the Amazonian forest.

Mediobanca has also reaffirmed its commitment to support a forestation project in Italy, which this year will involve the Madonie Regional Natural Park in Palermo, which was destroyed by fire this summer. In co-operation with Rete Clima, over 1,000 trees will be planted in spring 2022 with the active participation of Mediobanca Group staff members.

By the time these activities have been completed Mediobanca will have donated over 2,000 trees in the last two years.. Learn more about geographic map.

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