toDEI – A new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Project launched by Mediobanca


Mediobanca has unveiled its new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion project known as “ToDEI”. The project is a further step forward in the strategy adopted by the Mediobanca Group in its 2019-23 Strategic Plan to achieve sustainable growth with regard to ESG factors.
An internal event was held to mark the occasion, attended by Lisa Kepinski of the Inclusion Institute and Co-Founder of Inclusion Nudges, and opened by Chief Executive Officer Alberto Nagel, who gave a talk on the importance of promoting diversity and inclusion to increase competitiveness and enhance the ability to attract talent.
“Our aim with the “ToDEI” project is to lay the foundations for the process of developing an organizational approach which is based on understanding, respecting and valuing all kinds of difference, starting with gender.”

He added: “So far investor and market and attention has been focused more on governance and environmental objectives, but this is changing, and increasing attention is being focused on social issues, such as social sustainability, developing talent, equal opportunities and the inclusion of all gender diversities. In the numerous ratings which monitor company performances in terms of ESG, particular focus has been placed on supporting equitable gender balance, and the increased attention being devoted to these issues is now extending to the regulatory level as well. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are therefore a business priority for us, and as such have been integrated into our 2019-23 business plan to achieve sustainable growth with regard to ESG factors. Our commitment to these issues is concrete, as demonstrated by the inclusion of sustainability objectives in the Mediobanca senior management Long-Term Incentive Plan. 

In his concluding remarks, Alberto Nagel noted: “We will work hard to ensure that in the Mediobanca Group, each person’s distinctive characteristics are a factor for enrichment rather than exclusion. Developing talent will be at the centre of our model, and the first step in this direction will be closing the gender gap”.


Milan, 31 March 2022