Financial statements as at 31 March 2022 approved

Price sensitive

Growth, sustainability and stakeholder remuneration
9M: growth trajectory unchanged

Revenues up 9%  (to €2,147m),
with NII up 3% (to €1,106m) and fees up 13% (to €645m)
Net profit up 19%¹ (to €716m), ROTE  10%
9M EPS €0.83 (up 22%1), TBVPS €11.2 (up 4%1)

3Q: strong commercial performance and high fees/earnings

New loans: Consumer Finance €1.9bn (up 18% YoY), Large Corporate €1.7bn,
NNM €2.5bn (€6.9bn in 9M, up 2.5x YoY), TFAs €80bn (up 1% QoQ, up 16% YoY),
high Investment Banking activity levels
Revenues approx. €700m, of which fee income €202m
Net profit €190m

Remuneration unchanged with payout ~100%
Buyback in progress (2% acquired out of 3% total buyback)
70% cash payout accrued

New progress made in ESG roadmap
Lead Independent Director appointed
Diversity & inclusion objectives defined

Group strongly positioned in new macro scenario
Leadership in business segments with high structural growth
Excellent asset quality
No material exposure to Russia/Ukraine risk
High diversification, default rates at record lows, coverage ratios at all-time
highs, overlays intact at approx. €300m
Strong capital position and low risk profile
CET1 ratio stable at 15.3%,  minimal exposure to market risk