Disclosure of definitive results of voluntary buyback offer announced by Mediobanca S.p.A. on 20 November 2013 in respect of its own senior unsecured bonds up to a maximum amount of €1,000,000,000

Price sensitive

Further to the press release issued on 11 December 2013 containing the provisional results of the Offer, notice is hereby given that the definitive total nominal amount of the bonds tendered validly by Parties accepting the terms of the Offer during the Acceptance period is Euro 378,262,000. All acceptances validly tendered have been accepted by the Offeror. The table below shows the breakdown per individual Bond Issue of the nominal Amount bought back and the respective nominal Amount still in issue at the Offer’s expiry.


Name of bond issue


Nominal amount in issue as at 15/11/13

Nominal amount bought back

Nominal amount in issue post buyback

Mediobanca 2005-2015 Inflation Performance


Euro 132,500.000

Euro 2,098,000

Euro 130,402,000

Mediobanca 2005-2015 indicizzato all’inflazione europea con moltiplicatore


Euro 114,823.000

Euro 7,468,000

Euro 107,355,000

Mediobanca TF 2009/2014


Euro 776,458,000

Euro 56,327,000

Euro 720,131,000

Mediobanca TV 2009/2014


Euro 629,182,000

Euro 53,632,000

Euro 575,550,000

Mediobanca 3,51% 2011/2014 (MB1)


Euro 75,000,000

Euro 18,050,000

Euro 56,950,000

Mediobanca 2009/2014 2,65% Tasso Fisso


Euro 399,495,000

Euro 34,736,000

Euro 364,759,000

Mediobanca 2004-2014 indicizzato al rendimento medio dei titoli pubblici


Euro 165,294,000

Euro 14,357,000

Euro 150,937,000

Mediobanca S.p.A. 2009/2015 “Tasso Fisso Plus BancoPosta II collocamento” legate all’andamaneto di tre indici azionari internazionali


Euro 508,668,000

Euro 71,006,000

Euro 437,662,000

Mediobanca S.p.A. 2009/2015 “Tasso Fisso Plus BancoPosta III collocamento” legate all’andamaneto di tre indici azionari internazionali


Euro 680,736,000

Euro 95,659,000

Euro 585,077,000

Mediobanca Terzo Atto Variabile 2010/2015


Euro 400,000,000

Euro 24,929,000

Euro 375,071,000




Notice is also hereby given that the events, circumstances and regulatory changes on which the Offer was conditional (the “Conditions Precedent”) have not taken place.

Therefore, on 16 December 2013, the consideration due in respect of the bonds validly tendered by the bearers who have accepted the terms of the Offer during the Offer Period will be paid.

The Consideration shall be paid by Mediobanca S.p.A. (in its capacity inter alia as Tender Agent), directly or via the Trading Intermediaries, to the Deposit Banks retained by the Accepting Parties, for them to transfer it to the Accepting Parties in accordance with the instructions provided by them at the time of the Acceptance and in accordance with the methods specified therein.

All capitalized terms not defined in this press release shall have the same meaning provided in the Information Document.




Milan, 12 December 2013