BDH launches partial takeover bid for MBFG

Burani Designer Holding N.V. (“BDH”), through its subsidiary Mariella Burani Family Holding S.r.l., has today announced it is launching a partial voluntary public tender offer to acquire 15% of the ordinary shares of Mariella Burani Fashion Group S.p.A. in issue at a price of Euro 17.5 per share. The total consideration for the transaction will be up to Euro 78.5m. Mediobanca acted as financial advisor to BDH on this transaction.

This press release provides a brief and partial summary of the principal content of the statement released by the Offeror pursuant to Article 102 of Italian Legislative Decree 58/98 as amended and to Article 37 of the regulations adopted by Consob pursuant to resolution no. 11971/99 as amended (the “Regulations for Issuers”), which shall prevail and to which you are referred for every appropriate reference within the meaning of the aforementioned regulations.