Mediobanca distributes a dividend once a year, usually in the month of November, having been approved by shareholders in general meeting. The Annual General Meeting of Mediobanca shareholders usually takes place on 28 October each year. Mediobanca’s dividend policy is based on distribution of a percentage of cashed earnings, and is geared towards remunerating shareholders as well as ensuring it remains among the most highly capitalized banks. The historical series of dividends paid in previous years can be found on the “Shares and dividends” page of the Investor Relations section.


Dividends distributed by Mediobanca S.p.A. to ordinary shareholders are taxed as follows:

  • individuals/entities resident in Italy: following the tax reform which came into force on 1 January 2004, dividends do not give rise to any tax credit, and depending on the beneficiary, is either subject to withholding tax at source at a rate of 20% or go to form part of the beneficiary’s taxable income;
  • individuals/entities not resident in Italy: dividends are subject to withholding tax at source at a rate of 20%, save for cases where dual taxation conventions apply. For profits accrued starting from the financial year subsequent to the one in course at 31 December 2007 received by individuals or entities resident in an EU member states or one of the countries which are parties to the SEE guaranteeing adequate exchange of information, withholding tax is applied at a rate of 1.375%.

For further information, see the Italian Ministry for the Economy and Finance’s website.


Each share listed on the Italian stock market has its own alphanumeric code which is valid internationally. This is code is known as its ISIN (International Securities Identification Number).
The ISIN code for Mediobanca shares is IT0000062957.

The shares are also identified by a set of initials, or ticker, which varies according to reference market. The ticker for Mediobanca shares listed with Borsa Italiana is Mediobanca.

The last part of the code may vary according to the financial news agency used (i.e. Reuters, Bloomberg etc.), as follows:
Reuters    MDBI.MI
Bloomberg    MB IM

The stock market price is shown on the home page of the Bank’s website. The Mediobanca on the stock market window in the Investor relations also contains interactive graphs, as well as the share price.