Pursuant to Article 127-ter of the Italian Finance Act, shareholders with voting rights may submit questions on the items on the agenda even prior to the Annual General Meeting,

  • by clicking here;
  • or by email to azionisti@mediobanca.com, indicating in the subject line "Questions for 2023 Annual General Meeting", along with their identification and contact details.

The questions must be accompanied by the reference details of the notice sent by the intermediary to the Company authorizing the party concerned to exercise such right.

Applications must be received by 6.00 p.m. on 23 October 2023. Questions that are relevant to the items on the agenda will be answered during the Annual General Meeting itself at the latest, in accordance with the procedures provided for by the regulations in force.

The Company may choose to provide single answers to questions with the same content. It will not provide answers to questions that do not comply with the procedures, terms and conditions described above. No answer is required, even at the Annual General Meeting, to questions for which the information requested is already available in "Question and Answer" format in the appropriate section of the website.