Mediobanca prize for most dynamic medium-size companies: awards made

At a meeting held today, the technical committee responsible for awarding the Mediobanca 2011 prizes, which is made up of independent members, decided to award the prize for the junior category (50-499 staff and turnover of €50-330m) to Screen Service Broadcasting Technologies and for the senior category (more than 499 staff) to DiaSorin. The awards were made on the basis of reviews of the results and profiles of the companies compiled by the Research Department of Mediobanca, which carried out indepth analysis, in conjunction with the companies themselves, of their respective organizational structures, governance, market positions and competitive advantages.

Screen Service Broadcasting Technologies has its registered office in Brescia, produces and sells television broadcasting equipment, and reported turnover of €52m in 2009 (up 47.9% compared with 2006) with 144 staff; further growth in revenues is anticipated in 2010.

DiaSorin has its registered office in Saluggia (Vercelli), produces, develops and sells kits for in-vitro diagnosis, in particular in the immunodiagnostics segment, and reported turnover of €304m in 2009 (up 69.2% compared with 2006), with 1,196 staff; further growth in revenues is anticipated in 2010.

The prizes will shortly be awarded by the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Mediobanca at a conference during which the senior management of the two companies will present their respective business histories.

Milan, 28 March 2011

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