2016/19 strategic plan guidelines approved

Price Sensitive

  • Acceleration of business model reshaping Mediobanca to become long-term value player
  • Substantial growth in high-margin banking activities (GOP forecast to reach €1bn; 3-year CAGR +10%)
  • Prioritized development of new Wealth Management division (target contribution 40% of Group fee income)
  • 100% of Banca Esperia acquired
  • Increasing capital generation optimization of capital management and allocation processes (further stake disposals of €1.3bn targeted)
  • Definitive transformation to diversified banking group 
  • Banking activities’ contribution to group GOP up to 80% (from 60%) 
  • Strong reduction in capital allocated to PI (from 33% to 20%)
  • Further enhancement in Asset quality
  • ROTE 10%, CET1 ratio 14%
  • 200 bps capital available for acquisitions

Milano, 17th November 2016