Notice of meeting Annual General Meeting 28 October 2019

Notice is hereby given that an ordinary general meeting of shareholders in Mediobanca (the “Company”) will take place in a single session starting at 10.00 a.m. on 28 October 2019 in Via Filodrammatici 3, Milan, Italy, with the following


  1. Financial statements as at 30 June 2019, Board of Directors’ review of operations and other reports,  reports by external auditors and Statutory Audit Committee; related resolutions.
  2. Group staff remuneration and incentivization policies:
  •  Staff remuneration policies;
  • Cap on variable and fixed remuneration based on a ratio of 2:1;
  • Policies in the event of beneficiaries leaving office or ceasing to work for Mediobanca.
  1. Resolution to update performance share scheme.

Information on the Bank’s share capital and on the means and deadlines for:

- Taking part in the annual general meeting and exercising voting rights (it should be noted in this connection that the record date is 17 October 2019);

- Taking part in, and voting at, the annual general meeting by proxy, including via the Company’s Appointed Representative (Spafid S.p.A.);

- Exercising the right to request additional items to be added to the agenda and to submit new proposals in respect of resolutions already on the agenda;

- Exercising the right to ask questions on items on the agenda prior to the meeting;

- Availability of the reports on the items on the agenda and other documentation for the Annual General Meeting;

is found in the notice of meeting available on the Bank’s website at (“Corporate governance/AGM 2019).

This excerpt has been published in the following daily newspapers Il Sole 24 Ore, Il Corriere della Sera and Italia Oggi.




Milano, 23 September 2019