Mission Bambini and Mediobanca join forces to support the environment 500 new trees for Rozzano (Milan)

Thirty Mediobanca Group volunteers involved in the re-greening initiative carried out in partnership with the Selva Urbana association and the town council of Rozzano

More than 250 new trees planted in a single day, and the same number again in the coming weeks, at Parco Comunale 1 in Rozzano on the outskirts of Milan, through the combined efforts of Mission Bambini and the Mediobanca Group. Thirty members of the banking group's staff have devoted a day of corporate volunteering to re-green this area to the south of Milan, through a programme of planting native species of plants such as oaks, common hazels, elms, blackthorns, wild pears, hawthorns and dog rose. The initiative has been carried out in conjunction with the Selva Urbana association, which has mapped out the region, identifying the most appropriate areas, together with the Rozzano town council which in turn will maintain the re-greened area for the five years after the planting.

Efforts will continue over the coming weeks with another 245 trees to be planted, making a total of 500 new species introduced to Parco Comunale 1 in Rozzano. The objective will be to create a small wooded area which will become the destination for school and environmental education visits for the children and young people who attend the local schools, to help teach them how to respect and love nature and the importance of nature preservation.

“This is a new milestone in our commitment to environmental education in conjunction with the Mediobanca Group and with Selva Urbana: five hundred new trees planted, which will not only improve air quality in the area, but will also become an educational opportunity for the pupils of the local schools. Teaching our children and young people the importance of caring for biodiversity and nature is of fundamental importance to us”, said Sara Modena, General Director of Mission Bambini.

“We're delighted to be joining forces with Mission Bambini in this important new reforestation initiative which offers further testimony to our commitment to addressing climate change", added Giovanna Giusti del Giardino, Head of Group Sustainability at Mediobanca. “We wanted to make a tangible contribution through the active involvement of our colleagues, not only to the reduction of CO2 levels, but also to the students of Rozzano, who we hope will derive all the positive lessons to be taken from this initiative and from virtuous management of the environment”.

The following persons attended the event as representatives of the Rozzano town council: Cristina Perazzolo, Deputy Mayor, and Lucia Galeone, Councillor with responsibility for local parks and urban maintenance.

Milan, 20 November 2023