Mediobanca makes its website more accessible to persons with disabilities

Mediobanca has updated its institutional website, which has been enhanced with a series of new features to make it easier for persons with different disabilities to use. In particular, with its use of artificial intelligence, the website will provide an easier browsing experience for users who are epileptic, visually impaired or blined, for users with cognitive disabilities, attention deficit disorders, and motor impairment issues.

Development of the website’s new features is consistent with the Group’s commitment to promote social integration and disabled people’s rights, and to guarantee ongoing, effective communication of relevant content to all its stakeholders.

The website uses an AI-based application which works in the background to optimize the accessibility level at all times. This application alters the website’s HTML, adapting its functions and behaviour to screen-readers used by visually-impaired users, and to keyboard-only navigation functions for persons with motor impairment.

These new functions allow the user to select specific accessibility profiles based on their own requirements, such as screen-reader optimization and keyboard navigation optimization. A dictionary with twelve languages has also been integrated, which immediately brings up the meaning of words to help users with cognitive disabilities, helping them to understand specific terms or phrases.

The new features offered by the Mediobanca website means the Bank is compliant with the EU directives on information technology accessibility for disabled people, and with the requirements of the “Stanca Act” (the Italian law on IT accessibility passed in 2004).


Milan, 19 July 2021