Mediobanca successfully completes the issue of a new €500m Senior Non-Preferred bond

Mediobanca has successfully completed the placement of a new Senior Non-Preferred Bond, with 6-year duration (expiring in July 2030) and call option after year 5, for a total amount of €500m.

The Senior Non-Preferred Bond has attracted broad and diversified market appeal, enabling the yield initially disclosed (165 bps above mid-swap) to be revised and set at 130 bps.
Orders in excess of €2.3bn were received during the placement, for a total value more than 4x the target amount of €500m.

The new bond, which will pay a coupon of 3.875%, marks the achievement of the €1bn funding in the Senior Non-Preferred format target set in the Strategic Plan 2023-26 “One Brand-One Culture”, in the space of just nine months.
The results of the Group's fourth institutional issue made so far in 2024 confirm investors’ confidence in Mediobanca’s capability to meet the objectives of the three-year Strategic Plan, consolidating its position as best-in-class among Italian financial institutions in terms of efficiency in pricing bond instruments.

The bond's distribution has seen the involvement of the leading international institutional investors (77%, with orders from France accounting for 39%, from Germany for 14%, from the United Kingdom and Ireland for 12%) and of Italian institutional investors (orders accounting for 23%). The performance of this issue again confirms investors’ interest and Mediobanca's capability to diversify its sources of funding.


Milan, 12 March 2024