Mediobanca Board of Directors' Meeting

At a Board meeting held today, the Directors of Mediobanca made the following appointments: Renato Pagliaro as Chairman, Maurizia Angelo Comneno as Deputy Chair, Alberto Nagel as Chief Executive Officer, and Massimo Bertolini as Secretary to the Board; Francesco Saverio Vinci, Director, retains the position of Group General Manager.

The Board also found that the following Directors qualify as independent according to the definition provided in Article 19 of the company’s Articles of Association: Maurizia Angelo Comneno, Virginie Banet, Maurizio Carfagna, Laura Cioli, Maurizio Costa, Angela Gamba, Valérie Hortefeux, Maximo Ibarra, Alberto Lupoi and Vittorio Pignatti Morano; and instituted the following committees from among its own number:


Executive Committee, to consist of Alberto Nagel (Chairman), Maurizia Angelo Comneno, Gabriele Villa and Francesco Saverio Vinci;

Risks Committee, to consist of Angela Gamba (Chair), Maurizio Carfagna, Laura Cioli, Elisabetta Magistretti and Vittorio Pignatti Morano;

Related Parties Committee, to consist of: Angela Gamba (Chair), Maurizio Carfagna, Laura Cioli and Vittorio Pignatti Morano;

Appointments Committee, to consist of: Maurizio Costa (Chairman), Laura Cioli, Valérie Hortefeux, Alberto Lupoi and Renato Pagliaro;

Remunerations Committee, to consist of: Maurizio Carfagna (Chairman), Virginie Banet, Valérie Hortefeux, Maximo Ibarra and Alberto Lupoi;

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, to consist of: Alberto Nagel (Chairman), Virginie Banet, Angela Gamba, Maximo Ibarra and Elisabetta Magistretti;

Committee instituted pursuant to Article 18(4) of the company’s Articles of Association, to consist of: Alberto Nagel (Chairman), Maurizio Costa, Valérie Hortefeux and Francesco Saverio Vinci.


Milan, 29 October 2020