Mediobanca cancels treasury shares equal to 2% of its share capital

Notice of change in share capital composition
following treasury shares cancellation

Mediobanca hereby gives notice of a change in the composition of its share capital (fully subscribed for and paid up) following the cancellation on 2 September 2022 of 16,500,000 treasury shares, with no reduction in share capital (as approved by shareholders at the Annual General Meeting held on 28 October 2021). The amended Articles of Association were filed with the Companies’ Register on the same date.


share capital

share capital


Amount (€)




No. of shares[i]



It should be noted that the share buyback programme authorized by shareholders at the ordinary Annual General Meeting held on 28 October 2021 and the European Central Bank on 11 November 2021 was completed on 14 June 2022. The rationale for the buyback was to finance possible acquisitions, to implement share-based compensation schemes for Group staff, for sale on the market or OTC, and/or cancellation. Mediobanca has bought back a total of 25,871,097 shares, or 2.99% of its share capital, for a total outlay of €241.4m.
Today’s cancellation generates an increase of 2% in the per share values as at 30 June 2022: thus, EPS rises from €1.05 to €1.07, and TBVPS from €10.6 to €10.8.

Milan, 2 September 2022


[i] Ranking for dividends pari passu, current coupon no. 38.