Press release - Mediobanca Annual General Meeting

At the Annual General Meeting held today, the shareholders of Mediobanca adopted the following resolutions:

  • To approve the financial statements as at 30 June 2022 and distribution of a gross dividend of €0.75 per share for each of the shares granting such entitlement, payable as from 23 November 2022, with record date 22 November 2022, after coupon no. 38 has been detached on 21 November 2022;
  • To approve the Mediobanca Group Remuneration Policy for FY 2022-23, the Mediobanca Group Remuneration Report for FY 2021-22, and the Policy in the event of beneficiaries leaving office or their employment arrangement being terminated;
  • To approve the annual performance share scheme for 2023 for select Mediobanca Group staff as part of the remuneration and incentivization systems already in operation.

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting will be published within the terms set by law at the company’s head office and on the following websites: (Governance/General Meetings/General Meeting 2022) and
A summary of the voting at the AGM will also be published on Mediobanca’s website by the terms set.


Milan, 28 October 2022