The Prisoners Ask Why?

Author Giuseppe Lupo meets with the inmates of the prison in Piacenza as part of the project launched by Mediobanca, L’Arte di Vivere con Lentezza and Kasa dei Libri

Piacenza, 13 July 2022 – “The Prisoners Ask Why?” is returning to Piacenza. A new event is being staged as part of the initiative, supported by Mediobanca, which was devised by L’arte di vivere con Lentezza ONLUS in conjunction with La Kasa dei Libri to promote social inclusion in prisons through reading, on Wednesday, 13 July 2022, at the “Le Novate” prison in Piacenza.

This time it will be Giuseppe Lupo, the well-known author of fiction and non-fiction, who will be walking through the doors of the prison in Piacenza, along with some thirteen Mediobanca Group staff members. Giuseppe Lupo will lead a group of inmates in conversation to analyse and discuss themes of an ethical and psychological nature with them. The dialogue will be based on a reading of some literary texts to stimulate reflection, critical thought, and uncover the origins of the prisoners’ questions.

“We’re very pleased to be resuming our in-person meetings in prisons after the hiatus due to Covid, and we’re delighted to note the growing interest in this project from the prisoners themselves, and those of our own employees who are volunteering in this project”, said Giovanna Giusti del Giardino Head of Group Sustainability di Mediobanca. “The initiative is confirmation of the Group’s commitment to promote social inclusion and to deliver growth that is socially sustainable.”

Muna Dell’Acqua Guarino, head of educational projects in India and Italy for L’Arte del Vivere con Lentezza, commented as follows: “In these years we’ve continued to work into prisons despite everything. A well-known writer taking the time to come to prison and discuss the big issues of life with the inmates, after two years in which all of us have come to know better how hard it is to be imprisoned, shows the power of culture to bring about freedom and provide inspiration for the future”.