Press release

Price sensitive

The Chief Executive Officer of Mediobanca, Alberto Nagel, was today questioned by the public prosecutor’s office of Milan.

Alberto Nagel confirms that he has not entered into any kind of agreement or pact with the Ligresti family regarding the Unipol-Premafin merger.

On 17 May 2012, at Jonella Ligresti’s request, Alberto Nagel initialled – exclusively for the purpose of indicating that he was aware of the document – a photocopy of a sheet of paper containing a handwritten list of the Ligresti family’s requests.

The requests are in part already known and in any case were not addressed to Mediobanca, which is not party to any agreement with the family concerned, hence the requests are in no way binding for the Bank.

This list of requests, furthermore, in view of Consob’s reply to Unipol’s query in 24 May 2012, never translated to any form of possible agreement with Mediobanca, Unicredit or Unipol Gruppo Finanziario.


Milan, 1 August 2012