Chairman of Parties to the Mediobanca Shareholders’ Agreement

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The Chairman of the Parties to the Agreement in respect of the share capital of Mediobanca hereby gives notice that he has received a letter from Financière du Perguet of the Bolloré group, owner of 69.7 million shares equal to 7.9% of the Bank’s share capital, stating its intention to withdraw early from the Agreement with effect from 1 January 2019. The letter explains that after almost twenty years as a Party to the Agreement, the decision has been taken in view of the Bolloré group’s increasing financial commitment to Vivendi (its share in which has increased from 20.6% to 26.2% in the last twelve months) and the objective of being able to use its assets more flexibly. The Bolloré group also made clear that it intends to retain ownership of the interest (albeit released from the terms of the Agreement), expressed its satisfaction at the outstanding results achieved by the Mediobanca Group, and reiterated its firm endorsement of the current strategy and its full support for the Group’s management.


Milan, 27 September 2018