Press release

Price sensitive

With reference to the recent press items regarding the ECB’s interest in non-performing loans on the books of European and in particular Italian banks, Mediobanca, at Consob’s request, hereby gives notice that it has not received any requests for data from the ECB regarding its exposure to non-performing loans, nor has it received notice of imminent meetings or inspections on this issue.

For relevant data and information, please refer to the Group’s annual and quarterly financial statements approved on 27 October 2015 (available on the Bank’s website at /en/investor-relations/bilanci/financial-reports.html), which show that Mediobanca has a particularly low level of such exposures in comparison to the average of the main Italian banks.

Non-performing loans specifically, as at last 30th Sept. amount € 1.133m and represent 3.5% of Mediobanca’s loans against an average of the main italian banks of 11.3% and affect the CET1 of 15% against an average of main Italian banks of 124%.

These data are the evidence of the high quality of Mediobanca’s book of loans. Mediobanca’s  capital strength is confirmed by a 12.5% CET1 ratio (in comparison to the minimum required by SREP of 8.75%).


Milan, 18th January 2016