Mediobanca: Chairman of Parties to Shareholders’ Agreement

Price sensitive

At a general meeting held today with Mr Cesare Geronzi in the chair, the parties to the Mediobanca Shareholders' Agreement:
following the renewal of the Shareholders' Agreement, confirmed the composition of the Steering Committee as follows: Tarak Ben Ammar, Vincent Bolloré, Ennio Doris, Cesare Geronzi, Salvatore Ligresti, Giampiero Pesenti, Alessandro Profumo, Dieter Rampl and Marco Tronchetti Provera, with Cesare Geronzi as chairman of the Steering Committee.
Authorized the stake owned by Fineldo S.p.A., consisting of 2,043,720 Mediobanca shares, or 0.24% of the company's share capital, to be desyndicated from the agreement in derogation of the procedures provided for under Article 6 of the Shareholders' Agreement.
Noted the interim financial statements for the six months ended 31 December 2009.