CheBanca!: financial statements for year ended 30 June 2018 approved


CheBanca! Board of Directors’ Meeting

Financial statements for year ended 30 June 2018 approved


CheBanca! doubles its operating profit

on the back of a differentiating offering model within the Italian market


The human-digital bank for the Current (and Next) Wealth Generation


The human-digital bank …

Launched as a digital bank in 2008 with a focus on deposits and mortgages
Mission then expanded with the enhancement of advisory services
Digital excellence made available to clients from the bank’s inception
(acquisition of clients and provision of services) and distribution networks (direct and indirect)
Today CheBanca! is the best bank in Italy for customer experience

… with a highly sustainable business model …

Broad client base (807,000 clients)
The only distribution platform with a genuine omni-channel approach
Revenues diversified by type and source
(net interest income generated from deposit gathering and mortgage lending activities,
fee income from asset management, increasing and 90% of which recurring)
High potential for organic growth (direct network, FAs recruiting)
and via acquisitions with the strategic support of parent company

…for the Current (and Next) Wealth Generation

Product offering already in line with demographic, technology and regulatory trends in progress
Easy, efficient and multi-channel approach for transactional services
Transparent, valuable, fairly priced for investment services (“self” or “guided”)
Enriched by specialist expertise and solidity of the Mediobanca Group



FY 2017-18 results

Distribution strongly enhanced, TFAs growing,

Sound improvement in profitability


Distribution platform enhanced, commercial results developing

New, strongly digital-based CRM to support omni-channel approach
Barclays integration now ended, proprietary structure streamlined and enhanced,
with 111 branches and 416 affluent/premier advisors
FAs network launched, increasing in number from 65 to 226 in the twelve months

Business growing strongly

Total financial assets (TFAs) up 11% Y.o.Y. to €23bn, with €2.2bn in net new money for the year
Mortgages up 8% Y.o.Y., to €8bn, with €1.6bn in new loans for the twelve months


Revenues and operating profit showing solid improvement

Revenues up 7%, to €293m,
well diversified between net interest income (up 3%, to €212m) and fees (up 16%, to €80m)
Costs down 1% (down 7% like-for-like)
Operating profit more than doubled, to €41m


Milan, 27 July 2018