CheBanca! BoD - Financial statements for 3M/9M 2021-22 approved

Marco Carreri appointed by CheBanca! Board as new Chairman

Value, growth and effectiveness of business model borne out again in 3M, quarter characterized by strong market turmoil

Ongoing growth in profitable assets
TFAs¹ now total €34.5bn (up 10% YoY; up 1% QoQ²)
following a strong performance in NNM in 3M (€0.9bn)
consisting of €0.6bn in direct funding and €0.3bn in indirect funding
Customer loans stand at €11.3bn (up 3.3% YoY), new loans in 3M total €0.6bn

Growth over 9M confirmed as being material and sustainable
Net profit up 28% (to €47m)
Revenues up 11% (to €292m), on fees up 22% (to €113m)
Cost/income ratio down 2pp to 71.7%

GOP stable in 3M (€24m)
Top line resilient (down 3% QoQ), despite seasonal factors and market volatility, both of which fully offset by the reduction in costs (down 4% QoQ)

Growth in sales force continues
Network now consists of 1,009 professionals (13 added in 3Q, 83 YTD) and 206 POS
Premier Relationship Managers now total 502 (one fewer than at end-2021; 23 more than last year),
responsible for NNM (AUM/AUA) of €0.8bn in 9M
Financial Advisors now total 507 (14 added in 3Q.; 60 more than last year),
responsible for NNM (AUM/AUA) of €0.9bn in 9M

Enhancement continues in advisory activity, investment/portfolio management product offering, and digital innovation