CheBanca! BoD Financial statements for 2Q 2020-21 approved

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CheBanca! Board of Directors’ Meeting
Financial statements for 2Q 2020-21 approved

Record 6M results by assets (€30bn, up 8%),
revenues (€173m, up 9%; of which €60m in fees, up 21%),
and net profit (€23m, up 20%)

Strengthening ongoing of new brand identity “Alza la visione” (“Raise your vision”), product offering for affluent and premier clients, and distribution network

TFAs increase to €29.9bn (up 7.6% in 6M; up 4.2% in 2Q),
with NNM €1.6bn in 6M (€0.8bn in both quarters),
twice as high as last year

AUM/AUA up to €13.9bn (up 11.3% in 6M; up 7.5% in 2Q)
Customer loans total €10.7bn (up 4.5% in 6M; up 3% in 2Q),
with new loans in residential mortgage lending totalling €1.1bn (€0.7bn in 2Q, vs €0.4bn in 1Q)

Distribution network resumes growth following the slowdown due to Covid-19: 896 professionals and 200 POS
Affluent relationship managers now total 467 (13 added in 6M), responsible for €0.5bn of AUM/AUA in 6M
Financial advisors now total 429 (15 added in 6M), responsible for €0.4bn of AUM/AUA in 6M

Revenues and profit improving materially
Strong increase in revenues vs 1H FY 2019-20, up 8.9% to €173.3m,
Driven by material growth in fee income (up 21% to €60.5m), the majority of which recurring
Costs up 4.3% to €128.4m, due to expansion in operations and distribution
Asset quality remains excellent, including in relation to management of moratoria
Strong increase in GOP (up 17.8% to €33.7m) and net profit (up 19.5% to €22.7m)